you alone are enough.
you have nothing to prove to anybody.

                                                             ~ Maya Angelou

When life suddenly puts you in a situation or circumstance that makes you feel so uncomfortable, the life that you once knew falls apart in front of your eyes. The emotional turmoil that you feel, makes you just want to run away and hide.

You’ve always had a love for making others feel happy but at the expense of yourself. You now feel so unhappy with your job, relationship/s or the way other people treat you. You’re always running around helping and pleasing others, and you end up feeling exhausted or used. You dislike conflict or agruments, so you find it difficult to stand your ground and voice your opinion.

You desire to be a part of something deeply connected and supportive, where you feel safe and belong. You know it’s time to put yourself first, so you can embrace your life with more confidence and happiness. 

I work with people who are exactly that!

Let’s work together to make your mind, body and soul glow!

reiki session with advanced energy healing session

Reiki with Advanced Alchemy energy healing will go deeper than any other modality around. It will give relief from any emotional, mental or physical issues that are surfacing in your life. During the sessions the healing is always sent to the root cause of where the issue is stored in the cells of the body. 

Whether it’s feeling like you just don’t fit in this world as you have always felt different, and this has lead you down a path of destructive behaviours or emotions that have turned your life into a mess. Or you have unwanted or negative emotions that are surfacing that make your life difficult to deal with. Perhaps it’s hurt, rejection and unworthiness from an abusive or bullying relationships, PTSD, anxiety, depression, fear, physical pain, self doubt, ongoing fatigue, disease, illness, hormonal issues, inner child issues: unable to set boundaries or people pleasing or even an issue where there seems no answer. These sessions will assist you to help find those answers and obtain relief.

The sessions use the powerful healing modality of Usui Reiki, Seichim and Karuna Reiki. Advanced Alchemy energy healing techniques are also used from Shiloh Rae, Dragon Alchemy and Dragon Sage, these techniques shift and heal from deeper levels for quicker transformations. 

Crystals, Quartz Crystal Sound Bowl Healing, tuning forks and Clear Crystal Quartz Pyramids are used to bring the body back into balance with the assistance of the sound frequency. Young Living essential oils are included to assist the healing process for the client. 

Through regular sessions you will notice layers and cages that used to keep you stuck in trauma loops and suffering will release and disappear. The cages of hurt, fear, rejection, anxiety and more will lift and release and it will allow you to open up to the world, feeling more love and peace throughout your whole being. Instead of hiding behind all those emotions and blocking yourself from the world of opportunities.

The session also includes mindset coaching, breathing techniques and small take away tasks to empower yourself between sessions. This is an essential between sessions to ensure success, as it is important you become empowered through your own transformation.

hypnosis infusion session

These life changing sessions use the powerful healing modality of Hypnosis and Clinical Resource Therapy. The Hypnosis techniques infused into each session vary depending on what the you need, however they do come from the world’s most effective Hypnotherapists. I also draw upon Clinical Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy techniques (TLT) when required.

I specialise in deep emotional trauma, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, relationship issues, loss, grief, rejection, feeling alone, feeling lost, sudden life changes, job loss or career changes, narcissistic abuse, heartbreak, bullying and inner child healings. All of these emotional issues are also the underlying cause of many habits and behaviours.

Hypnosis Infusion session access the memories stored in the unconscious mind, and bypass any resistance formed by your conscious mind that has stopped you from making the changes yourself. 

Specialised programs are available – Please contact me if you need more information. Or go ahead and book a 3 session package.

ONLINE or IN PERSON appointments are available.


qhht session

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session (QHHT) is a life changing experience like no other. The technique was developed by the late Dolores Cannon and was used for over 40 years to make significant changes the lives of many people.

During the session you will move into a very deep state of trance a somnambulistic state where you will be able to access answers, heal issues – emotional, mental or physical, find out answers to questions you’ve always had or even reconnect to parts of yourself you have forgotten. 

 IN PERSON appointments only are available in Adelaide, South Australia. 


I had 2 sessions with Carlene, both involving Reiki and Clinical Resource Therapy and afterwards I felt a sense of lightness in my life that I did not have previously, before our work together.

The feeling of holding onto old hurtful energy was gone.

Thanks Carlene!


Steven Isaacs, USA

I had a past life regression EFT session with Carlene a couple of weeks ago and the breakthrough I had was cathartic. It gave me a heightened sense of peace, so much so that the weight I’ve been unable to budge since it arrived as a result of the stresses from several earthquakes has suddenly started to shift! It feels very natural and straight forward now to let it go. I’m doing nothing different – my body is just finally comfortable and ready. Thanks Carlene!

Carmen Cook, Tasmania

I love Carlene’s spirit.

She presents as a confident, intuitive, passionate and caring professional.

We did more in one session than I have done in 10 counselling sessions.

Thank you Carlene!

Tamey Greene, USA


What sessions do I book?

If you would like some healing where you do not have to not talk about what’s going on in your life, or you are not sure how to explain how you are feeling. I recommend a Reiki session.

If you are happy to talk and a more direct approach to help you. I would recommend a Hypnosis Infusion session/s.

How many Reiki Sessions do I need?

Each time you feel triggered by something or someone and these feeling stay around with you, I recommend taking time for yourself to have a session. If you feel stressed, burnt out or continuously getting angry, triggered or emotional at others, its time for a session or several sessions.

Regular fortnightly or weekly sessions are the most effective to obtain the results you desire.

How many Hypnosis Infusion sessions do I need?

The Hypnosis Infusion sessions are a great way for an introduction on how to work with me. However, the most effective way is the package of sessions. Most people find 3 – 6 sessions are highly beneficial.

There is no 1 size fits all for everyone. All I can say is if you don’t feel right, reach out and get some help.

How long do the sessions go for?

Reiki Session – allow 60 minutes. The Reiki healing itself will be approximately 45 – 50 minutes.

Hypnosis Infusion Session – allow 60 -90 minutes. I do make sure we finish the session properly and leave you feeling lighter, emotions released and fully supported.

 Is Hypnosis safe or will I lose control?

Hypnosis is perfectly safe and effectively technique in changing how you feel. The reason is it is so safe is you go in and out of hypnosis all throughout your day. When you wake up and when you go to sleep you are in the deepest state of trance or hypnosis. But you also go into hypnosis when you are reading something and you lose track and have to re-read it. Or you drive from A to B and you don’t notice how you got there. These are all states of trance which we have all experienced, so booking a hypnosis session your experience will be very similar.

I cannot be hypnotised or I don’t believe I can?

If you read the answer to the above questions everyone can be and are under some form of hypnosis during their day.




You know you there are parts of you that have the strength to do so much more, the desire to find your passion again and commitment to make life happen. 

Let’s rediscover all the amazing parts of you!